The Importance of YOUR CV

Picture it: You’re considering a new career in the Print and Packaging industry, you’re searching through the job boards, you come across Taylor Higson’s Job page. You notice the role that fits you to a T. You scroll down and there it is.. the dreaded ‘Upload your CV’ button. The realisation hits. You created this document during the advert break of your favourite soap. 
All you know is, it must be sustainable because your name, your most recent position and your current responsibilities, are on there. But what if, you sent that CV across. What if, we opened your CV and didn’t see you at your full potential. What if, that CV ‘could have been of interest’ but wasn’t top of the list. What if, in actual fact you, you just missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime? All down to the fact you haven’t committed to paper and composed a true representation of yourself in that one little document. That one little document that is extremely important to you AND your employer.
So, why not make that ‘one little document’, that sells you on paper, make it something you’re proud of?
At Taylor Higson, if we see you as a potential match to our Client, when we receive your CV, we will contact you to go through it in further detail. Now, we know that you can’t possibly write EVERY aspect of your job role down on that document. We don’t expect that. At Taylor Higson, there will always be an initial discussion with yourself, via a phone call, to find out more about you. Personality traits that you can’t sell on paper.
However, your CV must be of interest for us to get in contact with you in the first place. All we want to do is find out MORE. When we have done just that, along with a full understanding of your current situation and what you are looking for in your next role, if then it sounds like a match, then great, we’ll ask for your permission to send your CV over to our Client. At Taylor Higson, we don’t make any changes to YOUR CV, this is a representation of YOU. We don’t want to format this CV into something a robot would type out. We’re not about that. We want the Client to notice YOU for YOU.
So, what do we class as being the ‘essentials’ on your CV?
Let’s have a run down….

    If we don’t have the basics, then we’re not off to a great start, are we? How are we going to get in contact with you, if we don’t have your details?We need:
    Contact Number:
    Email Address:
    Not only is this necessary for the initial reason you sent your CV in, but at Taylor Higson, if this role isn’t fitting for you, it doesn’t just stop there. Our team of Consultants continue to try and find you a role, based on the information you have given us, that could be of interest. By us having your contact details, we can keep in touch with you with any potential opportunities that may suit you.
    This is your opening line. Tell us who you are. How many combined years of experience do you have? Are you a recent graduate? What do you specialise in? What are you looking for?
    We’ve all been there writing our CV. What do I include? Am I writing too much? Do they just want to know what my title is and ‘outline’ what my current responsibilities are? – Look, no CV is going to be ‘perfect’. We’re not going to critique you for how much information you put in. Sometimes more is preferred. However, we have spoke to Candidates in the past that have said “oh, I’ve heard that I should make my CV no longer than 2 page, I tried to cut down on the information to make it look more appealing” – just, no. No employer is going to look at your CV and say “there’s too much information on there, let’s not look at that one”. Your job history is important to us. Don’t try and ‘sell yourself’ in one sentence. Outline your responsibilities, but, at the same time go into as much depth as you can. Tell us what you’re doing, what have you accomplished? What roles have you taken on outside of your job title? What skills did you develop along the way? Did you work on any specific projects of accounts? Who did you report into? Feel free to list any projects you may have worked on, any achievements you landed, etc.

    Job Title:

    Tenure in rank:
    Summary:It is important that you list your past job history. You may feel that you don’t need to go into as much depth as you have done with your current role. Wrong. Every job you have had is part of your ‘career’. So, tell us about it. It’s the difference to where you were then, and where you are now.
    You may think your CV is starting to look a bit ‘wordy’. Take the time now to outline your skills/expertise. There is nothing better than glancing at a CV, before going into detailed depth of what you are working on/have worked on, than seeing what industry/sector you are working in. The relevance of this is that this could mean once we have received your CV, we can pass it on to the suited consultant working within that area, that way that professional will understand your CV more than anybody else.
    You’ve gone through ‘X amount’ of years in education, for what? For it not too be listed on your CV? – Absolutely not. Especially if you went to University and developed skills in which you have applied to your past job roles. It’s important. List any extra courses, qualifications, that you have obtained, I’m sure you’re proud of it, and I’m certain your employer would be impressed.

So, there we have it, 5 points that are fundamental for you to come across at your full potential, to your future employer. Make this document, that you will use for the rest of your life, beneficial.
Trust us, at Taylor Higson, it will be well worth it.

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