Meet The Team

Jonathan Taylor
Director (The Boss!)

Described in three words: Print – Market – Mad

Jonathan is the boss man, so we will keep it tame when it comes to the jokes, as we would like to keep our jobs. But, the state of his desk is in no way a reflection on his knowledge of the Print & Packaging market (trust me). Jonathan created Taylor Higson in 2012, as a one-man band. He built up the company name through growing his Client and Candidate network and believed that the business was able to be grow naturally to its true potential. This is exactly what Jonathan achieved and now he heads our team of experts here at Taylor Higson.

Rio Clarke
Principal HR Recruitment Consultant

Described in three words: Cool, Calm & Collected

Rio is our HR Guru. He knows all there is to know when it comes to HR and Back Office. He came to Taylor Higson with a hefty background in recruiting within the HR sector and has now fully expanded his network alongside his Client and Candidate relationships here at Taylor Higson. Rio holds extensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of the current HR Marketplace. He works across all levels of seniority from Learning Development up to and including Director Level. Sector wise – he covers everything, and I mean everything. But let’s give you a little snippet of what that includes – Shared Services, Change Management, Organisational Design & Development, Restructuring / Redundancies, Employment Law and HR System specialists. (Caught your breath yet?).

Matthew Hanley
Senior Recruitment Consultant

Described in three words: Honest, Witty and a little bit Needy 

Matt has been with Taylor Higson from the start – and it’s showing a little around his eyes (nothing a little moisturiser can’t sort out and definitely not from his two lads under the age of 5). He has a wealth of experience across the Print Industry including global experience of introducing Clients and Candidates along with successful placements across Europe, Asia and the USA. Anything Sales or Client Service orientated – Matt’s your guy. Ask him to make a good coffee though and he lacks in that department. Matt’s comfortable working on a retained or contingent basis as he is solely driven by past experiences he has with his Clients and Candidates. He’s thoroughly well networked (he’ll be the first to tell you that) when it comes to his specialised areas of Print and has built up a solid reputation with his Clients that expect him to attract the best talent there is out there.

Yasmine Lavin
Senior Recruitment Consultant

Described in three words: Honest, Hilarious and Straight to the Point

Yas is not only a fantastic baker (honestly, we love it when there’s a birthday here), but she has over 10 years of experience specializing in Print, Packaging & Direct Mail sectors. She has experience covering all aspects of Print and Packaging and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Yas is a very personable asset to our team here at Taylor Higson and maintains her Client and Candidate relationships very well. As the Queen of the Packaging sector of our business, she knows all the ins and outs of Packaging in the current market. She works very closely with her Clients across the UK and Europe and builds a trusted relationship with them in order to deliver the very best talent to their door. From a Candidate’s perspective, she’ll get to know the real you, find out your best qualities and your career goals to ensure you are matched with the best opportunities and clients.

Jack Hulse
Recruitment Consultant

Described in three words: Friendly, Geeky and Golf-Mad

Jack is the youngest member of our Taylor Higson team; however, age is just a number. Jack graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a First-Class Degree in Chemistry (so he’s always banging on about things such as polymers). He joined Taylor Higson eager to get the ground running within the Packaging sector, and that’s exactly what he has done and continues to do. He has recently entered the Print side of Taylor Higson and is opening his network of Clients and Candidates to help place them in their perfect role. Along with being a fantastic asset to our team here, he also makes a belting Herbal Green Tea (even if all he has to do is add a bit of water).

Jessica Williams
Office Manager

Described in three words: Humble, Pro-active and Trustworthy

Jess is the one who gets us all in shape. If you go over your phone bill – you have Jess to answer to. She joined Taylor Higson after spending just under 3 years at an Executive Search Firm (and it didn’t scar her for life). Jess graduated from Leeds Beckett University with a Degree in Film and Moving Image (so she’s our creative one). After entering the recruitment world, she chose to utilize her skills within Operational and Office Management, so she keeps us all in check. Jess works closely with our Consultants here at Taylor Higson helping them with their Resourcing and Recruitment Projects, whilst making sure our business is always the best of the best. 

Laura Spencer
Senior Consultant

Described in three words: Absolute-Clean-Freak

Laura is a Senior Consultant working across all sectors of Print and Packaging here at Taylor Higson. We could also class Laura as our part-time cleaner as she has an obsession with clean desks (which is pretty unlucky for Jonathan). Although she covers EVERYTHING when it comes to the Print and Packaging industry, Laura does specialise in Technical and Production. She has over 6 years of experience working in recruitment, which involved quite a diverse recruitment background. Now, Laura is an amazing recruiter – we can all vouch for that but what she does lack in, is her hot drink skills (Laura thinks because she doesn’t take milk in her coffee that, that means she doesn’t have to make us one. Wrong). Apart from that, we are thrilled to have Laura working with us at Taylor Higson – she’s a real asset to our team.

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